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Shakebug + Trello for Bug Tracking

Are you tired of the clunky bug-reporting process? The ShakeBug integration with Trello is here to help! With our mobile app bug reporting tool and web app bug reporting feature, You can quickly and easily create Trello cards. You can streamline your bug reporting process and keep your team and stakeholders up-to-date on the status of the bugs with real-time Trello updates due to the automatic inclusion of bug details and screenshots in each Trello card.

What is ShakeBug's Trello Integration?

The ShakeBug integration with Trello is an effective tool that streamlines the bug-reporting process and improves team and stakeholder collaboration. With this integration, you can create Trello cards directly from ShakeBug's bug reporting tool, automatically add bug information and screenshots to each card, and update Trello in real-time to keep everyone up-to-date on the status of the bugs.

How to Setup Trello

ShakeBug Trello Integration FAQ

Do I need a Trello account to use ShakeBug's Trello integration?

To make use of this integration, you must have an active Trello account. You don't yet have a Trello account. Start collaborating more effectively right away by registering!

Can I customize the Trello cards created by ShakeBug?

You can customize the fields and information on each Trello card to fit the needs of your team. You can easily customise our integration to make the most of Trello's powerful project management tools.

Is there a limit to the number of Trello cards I can create through ShakeBug?

No, the integration between ShakeBug and Trello does not have any limit on the number of cards you can create. You can streamline your bug reporting process and stay organised with unlimited Trello cards.

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