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Bug Reporting Tool with Slack Integration: Simplify Bug Tracking and Collaboration

Are you tired of managing your software bugs with multiple tools? You can streamline your bug reporting process and collaborate with your team in real time with ShakeBug's Slack integration.

Our integration is easy to set up and use, and it comes packed with features to make tracking and reporting bugs simple. Continue reading to learn more about the features and benefits provided by ShakeBug's Slack integration.

How Our Slack Integration Works

We at ShakeBug believe tracking and reporting bugs should be as simple and painless as possible. Because of this, we built our Slack integration to be simple to set up and use, with features that help you organise your work and keep track of bugs.

Step-by-Step Guide to Setting Up ShakeBug's
Slack Integration

Are you ready to start using ShakeBug's Slack integration? Consider these simple steps:

  • Visit shakebug.com to sign up for ShakeBug.
  • Connect your ShakeBug and Slack accounts
  • Make your integration settings customised to your needs.
  • Start streamlining your process for reporting bugs.
  • Visit our knowledge base article at support.shakebug.com for a more detailed how-to on setting up our Slack integration.

Benefits of Integrating ShakeBug with Slack

For your team, integrating ShakeBug with Slack offers several key benefits:

Features of ShakeBug's Slack Integration

ShakeBug's Slack integration comes packed with features to help you manage your bugs more efficiently:

Slack real-time bug notifications

Instant notifications in the Slack channels of your choice allow you to stay on top of your bugs.

Create new bugs directly from Slack

Using the simple slash command, you can add new bugs to your ShakeBug project directly from Slack.

Bug management without leaving Slack

modify the priority, status, and other fields of a bug directly from Slack, without the need to switch to ShakeBug.

Join your team in Slack channels to collaborate

By creating dedicated Slack channels for each bug, you can keep your team informed and collaborative.

Frequently Asked Questions

We know you may have some questions about ShakeBug's Slack integration. Here are some of the most frequently
asked questions we receive:

How do I connect my ShakeBug and Slack accounts?

It's easy to connect your ShakeBug and Slack accounts. Just follow the instructions in the knowledge base article at support.shakebug.com.

Can I customize the notifications I receive in Slack?

By adjusting your integration settings, you can indeed customise the notifications you receive in Slack. Check out support.shakebug.com's knowledge base article for more info.

Does ShakeBug's Slack integration support custom fields?

Custom fields are supported by ShakeBug's Slack integration, yes. Any custom fields you've set up in your ShakeBug project can be included by customising your integration settings.

What happens if I delete a bug in ShakeBug that was created from Slack?

A bug that was created into ShakeBug from Slack will also be deleted from Slack if you delete it there. However, all discussions and comments regarding the bug will remain on the Slack channel.

Get Started with ShakeBug's Slack
Integration Today

Ready to use ShakeBug's Slack integration to streamline your bug-reporting process? To get going, just follow these simple steps:

  • Visit shakebug.com to sign up for ShakeBug.
  • Connect your ShakeBug and Slack accounts
  • Make your integration settings customised to your needs.
  • Start streamlining the process by which you report bugs.
  • You can collaborate with your team in real time and manage your bugs more efficiently with ShakeBug's Slack integration without ever leaving the messaging app.
  • Join now to start improving your software development process.

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