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Incredible Alternative to Bugasura - Shakebug

Choosing the best mobile app crash reporting tool and bug reporting tool is essential. When it comes to choose the best one, Shakebug is better than bugasura because we're focusing on tracking not just your bugs, but everything else too.

All Features

Shakebug has features that bugasura does not have, such as chat,kanban board,events and analytics.

Unlimited Seats

Shakebug offers bug reporting seats and 200000 MAU uses for $75/month.

Free Integrations

Shakebug offers Free integrations with Slack, Trello, and Jira as well as a comprehensive API.


Bugasura vs Shakebug

Unlimited crash reporting

Bugasura offers limited crash reporting

Bugasura offers limited crash reporting, which in most cases means that developers do not know how their application crashes.


Shakebug has crash reporting

Shakebug offers unlimited crash reporting and debugging with access to reports anytime.




Bugasura has limited analytics

Bugasura's analytics are limited and they do not offer much support when it comes to debugging.


Shakebug has analytics

Shakebug has analytics integration. Analytics is one of the most important parts of any business, so it's great that this product has it.



Discount on yearly subscription

bugasura charges

Bugasura charges monthly per users.

shakebug charges

Shakebug don't charges per users.


All the tech support you’ll ever need

Shakebug has Developers here to help

With a variety of features, it's easy to find what you need, and if not, there are developers here who are happy to offer help.

Crystal-clear documentation

Shakebug's Crystal-clear documentation makes it easy for even new users to get started.

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