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Find bug & capture the screenshot

Find bug & capture the screenshot

Shakebug allows users to report the bug from your mobile phone for your application. Here users just need to shake their mobile and all the data regarding bugs & crashes can be seen by developers through their log in panel easily.

What is Shakebug?

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How Shakebug Works?

Point to your bug

Open your application on your mobile phone and shake it. After that screen will appear where you can highlight the area of the bug.

Write a details

After highlighting the area, a screen will appear where the user can write a bug description which explains the details about bugs or issues.

Once you report the bug, you will get the following screen with bug’s details along with device and OS information to your assigned developers. They can update its status when it is resolved.

Bug's details

Bugs & Crash Reporting


Shakebug helps users to highlight bugs by capturing the screenshot of the screen within a few clicks. This tool minimizes the bug reporting time for your tester and clients.


Shakebug will automatically report the crashes of applications whenever it occurs. Here users don't need to spend time for crash reporting.


Along with bugs and crash reporting, Shakebug analyzes the application usage in different ways like session, language, countries etc. It also allows users to check analytics in the form of graphical representation over the selection period of time.


Developers/Users can add custom events and values for each action of the application easily where they want. In addition to this, users can also check the session of each event and value in graphical form as well.

Online Bug & Crash Tracker Tool

Online bug tracker tool- What is it?

What is a bug tracking system?

Tracking of bugs is a methodology used by mobile developers to collect reports of "issues" in mobile applications, and this is tracked by our online tracker tool. It allows developers to further refine their mobile app design by making continuous changes or upgrades to the application to better serve the customer base.

Bug and crash tracking typically reports what is the exact nature of the problem, and tracks a specific issue and crash in any mobile application. So, this is a platform where developers can get the most out of using our specialized online tracker tool and issue tracker tool.

To facilitate any bug reporting, some highly popular online issue tracking tools are used, and Shakebug belongs to one of them. This works effectively by maintaining the proper error and crash reports.

This online tool is the best online bug tracker tool that maintains transparency between the clients and developers.

To use such a sophisticated online crash and error tracking tool, a user reports an issue by simply shaking their phone and if there is any issue found, then developers will get the complete information regarding it, and they fix the issue.

Although each online issue tracking tool differs in its features, this platform is the best online crash and issue tracking tool that reports issues and is also used as a crash tracking tool. Using such a crash and online Bug tracker tool, you can build trust and relationships with your clients.

Can we use it as a Crash tracker tool?

Online Bug and crash tracker tools also allow developers and managers to see at a glance where an application is failing its customer base and how the development team is handling their problems. So, yes it can also be used as a crash tracker tool.

It provides an organized way to facilitate application enhancement processes and opens a fair, regulated channel for end-users.

This makes it easy to track down errors and crash with minimal human resources invested in the organizational requirements of the process.

How Shakebug is useful?

Shakebug is perfect online bug and a crash tracking tool for developers to collect and manage feedback and issues. It makes projects run so smoothly and clients love the shaking technique to report issues.

This online tracker tool can easily be integrated into any mobile application within a minute and is easy to access and use.

It provides error reporting, app performance monitoring, crash reporting, in-app chat, and client surveys for mobile apps.

Using Shakebug, Managing your bug report proved to be advantageous because it provides the best level of services in terms of support and documentation. And it also provides detailed and accurate tracking of bugs and crashes.

Shakebug is one of the most winning and indispensable online tools to track bugs and crashes from any of your mobile applications, it works on both android and IOS.

What are the advantages of using this tool?

Shakebug is an effective online tracker tool and issue tracking tool that can improve client satisfaction, increase productivity, and reduce downtime.

They can also keep track of coding changes, provide an interface for a developer to work together, and allow for easier management of quality assurance. There are many features available online in this tracker tool. software developers and numerous end-users benefit from these tools every day.

You can also increase your productivity by 50% using these online crash and issue tracking tools.

The online tracker tool is an application that will help you automatically test through features such as capturing screenshots and providing feedback during sessions.

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