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The better alternative to Bugsee- Shakebug

From their early days, software developers have tried to keep track of bugs and feature requests in order to improve their products, but the variety of bug-tracking tools on the market means that it can be hard to find the one that’s right for you.

Bugsee is one of the most useful mobile app bug tracking solutions available. Still, many developers will find that Shakebug offers an equally powerful alternative to Bugsee, with greater flexibility and cost savings thrown in as well.

All Features

Shakebug has all the features that are needed for continuous integration, as well as other features which are not found in bugsee.

Unlimited Seats

With Shakebug, you never have to worry about that! We allow unlimited seats.

Free Integrations

With Shakebug you have free integrations and can export videos in all formats.


Bugsee vs Shakebug

Much longer data retention

Bugsee has Only 1 month’s data retention

You'll never get the context you need when that information disappears after such a short period.

Shakebug has a generous year of data retention

The longer data retention you have, the more accurate your analytics will be and the more years back in time you can review when looking for issues.


Way more unique devices

Bugsee- Only up to 50 unique devices

Bugsee only allows you to track up to 50 unique devices per month if you choose a pro license. If you have more than 50 devices you need to purchase the Pro license, which costs $ 99/month.


Shakebug - Up to 20 000 unique devices

Shakebug gives you data from over 10,000 unique devices so that you can identify problems quickly and solve them before it escalates.



All the tech support you’ll ever need

Developers here to help

The thing that makes shakebug even more attractive than Bugsee, though, is its customer service and excellent developers.

Crystal-clear documentation

Shakebug provides clear documentation, this will provide fewer headaches when creating bugs and can help resolve any issues faster.

Our developers are used to seeing the bugs because they’re the ones who build them. That’s why they look at it in Shakebug and fix those bugs before anyone else notices them.

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