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The one and only alternative
to BugSnag - Shakebug

Shakebug is an alternative to BugSnag, a popular bug-tracking and error-monitoring tool. It enables developers to detect errors in their codebase quickly and track them over time. Its simple user interface makes debugging easier for both experienced and inexperienced developers.

Shakebug also includes features like real-time analytics, automated notifications when new bugs are discovered, and integration with other development tools like GitHub or Jira.

All Features

Shakebug has all the features that are needed for continuous integration, as well as other features which are not found in bugsee.

Unlimited Seats

With Shakebug, you never have to worry about that! We allow unlimited seats.

Free Integrations

With Shakebug you have free integrations and can export videos in all formats.


BugSnag and Shakebug

Much longer data retention

BugSnag doesn't provide CSV export

BugSnag uses real user data to deliver high-quality data analysis.

Shakebug provide CSV export

Shakbug provides features like CSV export for data analysis and advanced search capabilities to help developers quickly find the root cause of bugs.


Way more unique devices

Bugsnag - error monitoring

BugSnag provides features like error monitoring and reporting but lacks in-app bug reporting.

Shakebug - in-app bug reporting

Shakebug offers in-app bug reporting, allowing users to report bugs without leaving the app or going through any additional steps.


Way more unique devices

Bugsnag provides limited performance data.

Bugsnag filters up to 30 days of performance data due to which limited performance data is obtained.,

Shakebug provides unlimited performance data.

Shakebug is an alternative to BugSnag that provides performance data for an unlimited number of days This enables users to search through more than 30 days of performance data.


Way more unique devices

Bugsnag lacks a mobile
shaking feature.

BugSnag highlights critical areas of your app to deliver bugs and better performance but lacks mobile shaking features.

Shakebug uses a mobile
shaking feature.

Shakebug has a unique feature that allows users to report bugs by shaking their mobile devices. This helps developers and testers alike by allowing them to quickly identify the source of any bugs or errors without having to manually search through logs.


Way more unique devices

Bugsnag's standard plan
price is $65

The cost of Bugsnag's standard plan is 65 dollars, making it 8 dollars costier.


Shakebug's standard plan
price is $57.

Shakebug's standard plan costs 57 dollars, while Bugsnag's equivalent plan costs 65 dollars, saving it 8 dollars. Furthermore, Shakebug has more features and better customer service than Bugsnag.



All the tech support you’ll ever need

Developers here to help

The thing that makes shakebug even more attractive than Bugsee, though, is its customer service and excellent developers.

Crystal-clear documentation

Shakebug provides clear documentation, this will provide fewer headaches when creating bugs and can help resolve any issues faster.

Our developers are used to seeing the bugs because they’re the ones who build them. That’s why they look at it in Shakebug and fix those bugs before anyone else notices them.


What is ShakeBug?

ShakeBug is an error and bug-tracking tool designed as an alternative to Bugsnag. It enables developers to efficiently identify, report, and resolve software bugs and errors.

Why should I consider ShakeBug as a Bugsnag alternative?

ShakeBug is a cost-effective alternative to Bugsnag that includes similar features such as real-time error monitoring, crash reporting, and user feedback collection. ShakeBug also has an easy-to-use interface and simplified integration.

Can I migrate from Bugsnag to ShakeBug easily?

Yes, ShakeBug offers a smooth migration process to help you migrate your existing Bugsnag data to our platform. Throughout the migration, our support team is available to assist you.

What platforms and languages does ShakeBug support?

ShakeBug is compatible with a wide range of platforms, including iOS, Android, web applications, and back-end services. We also support popular programming languages such as JavaScript, Java, Swift, and others.

How does ShakeBug handle error notifications and alerts?

ShakeBug sends real-time error notifications and alerts via email, Slack, or other preferred channels, keeping you up to date on software issues.

Does ShakeBug offer a free trial or demo?

Yes, we do provide a free ShakeBug trial. Sign up and investigate our Bugsnag alternative to see how it can help your development process.

What pricing plans does ShakeBug offer?

ShakeBug has a variety of pricing plans to suit businesses of all sizes. Our pricing is competitive and transparent, with options for startups, small businesses, and large corporations.

How does ShakeBug collect user feedback?

Users can easily report issues and provide feedback right from your application with the help of the in-app feedback widget offered by ShakeBug. With the help of this feature, you can learn valuable insights from your users.

Is ShakeBug GDPR compliant?

ShakeBug is committed to protecting user privacy and data security. We comply with GDPR and take precautions to protect your data and user information.

Can I integrate ShakeBug with my existing development tools and workflows?

Yes, ShakeBug offers integrations with widely used development tools, such as issue trackers, project management software, and communication platforms, making it simple to integrate into your existing workflow.

How do I get started with ShakeBug as a Bugsnag alternative?

Simply sign up for a free trial on our website to get going. You will receive help from our support staff and documentation as you set up ShakeBug for your project.

Is ShakeBug suitable for small development teams?

Yes, ShakeBug is made to cater to both big businesses and small development teams. We can modify our features and pricing to meet the needs of various-sized organizations.

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