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The #1 Alternative to Instabug- Shakebug

Instabug has become the go-to solution for many developers to receive bug reports from their end users when apps are in development, but Shakebug offers some key features that Instabug does not.

It’s time to consider Shakebug as an alternative to Instabug if you haven’t already!
Note: We are comparing both tools which they recommending to their customer.

All Features

Shakebug comes with many features like reporting bug, crashes, analytics, add events etc.

Unlimited Seats

One of the things that separate Shakebug from Instabug is the unlimited number of seats. Where instabug has only 6 seats.


Shakebug has 24 * 7 live chatting for any users. Where Instabug only supporting instant support for paid customer.


Instabug vs Shakebug

Instabug charge $120 / month

They only allow 6 members and having 25k user session limitation.

Shakebug only charge $94 / month

In contrast, Shakebug is allowing Unlimited members and having 50,000 MAU limitation which is far better than session of Instabug.


Cheaper as you scale

Instabug - Prices scale up too high

Instabug plan starting to charge from $120 to $2000 or may be more as per your customization. (This cost is monthly)


Shakebug Save thousands as your app scales

Shakebug is super saver in terms of charges which start from $75 to $500 as per your fully customization. (This cost is monthly.) 10000+ users.



Longer data retention

Instabug - Different data retention

Instabug stores data for 6 months only for bugs where as it retains crashes for 3 months only, and evets are only for 1 month.


Shakebug - Same data retention

Shakebug retains all the crashes and bugs for 6 months and about analytics and event doesn’t have any limitation.



All the tech support you’ll ever need

Developers here to help

Shakebug has responsible team of developers who can also explain developers of customer so they can install Shakebug quickly in their project.

Crystal-clear documentation

Shakebug don’t require long story documentation, Our team is very creative and optimized who help customer or their developers to use Shakebug in just 2 mins in their project as having only half page documentation.


How does ShakeBug compare to InstaBug in terms of pricing?

In comparison to Instabug, ShakeBug provides a more affordable solution. All businesses of any size can afford our pricing plans, which don't skimp on features or functionality.

Can ShakeBug handle large-scale projects like Instabug?

Absolutely! Any project size, from small apps to enterprise-level ones, can be handled by ShakeBug. Our infrastructure is built to ensure performance even when faced with heavy loads.

Does ShakeBug provide real-time bug reporting like Instabug?

Yes, ShakeBug can report bugs in real-time. Instant bug reports allow you to respond to issues quickly and improve the overall quality of your app.

Can ShakeBug capture user feedback and suggestions like Instabug?

Yes, users may provide feedback and suggestions within the ShakeBug app itself. By doing this, you can gather insightful user feedback that will help you decide how to improve your app.

Does ShakeBug offer crash reporting like Instabug?

ShakeBug provides automatic crash reporting, so you can quickly identify and resolve crashes. To assist with debugging and troubleshooting, comprehensive crash reports with device information and stack traces are provided.

Can ShakeBug be integrated with different mobile platforms, just like Instabug?

Absolutely! ShakeBug can be integrated with both iOS and Android platforms, making a wide range of mobile apps compatible with it. The bug reporting and feedback features of ShakeBug can be easily incorporated into your apps.

Is ShakeBug suitable for both native and hybrid mobile apps, similar to Instabug?

ShakeBug is effective for both native and hybrid mobile apps, yes. ShakeBug can be seamlessly integrated into your project regardless of the app development framework you choose.

Can I manage and prioritize bugs effectively with ShakeBug, similar to Instabug?

robust bug management and organisation features are provided by ShakeBug. To ensure efficient bug resolution, you can set priorities, track bug status, add comments, and work with your team members.

Does ShakeBug provide in-app chat support for customer communication, like Instabug?

Yes, ShakeBug offers in-app chat functionality. Within the app, users can communicate with your support staff or development team directly, which streamlines the process of receiving feedback and resolving bugs.

Can ShakeBug assist with user engagement and retention, similar to Instabug?

Absolutely! By actively collecting user feedback, responding to issues as soon as they arise, and continuously improving your app based on feedback, ShakeBug helps you improve user engagement and retention.

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