Top 28 Bug Reporting Tools

As the number of applications increases, the number of test cycles also increases so it becomes critical to have very robust mechanisms that will make the management of any issues and bugs simple and consistent. To enable the same, the QA market has seen the emergence of various bug tracking tools or defect tracking tools […]

Manage Shakebug settings after uploading app to Appstore or Play store.

Shakebug is an in-app bug reporting tool that works with the native SDK of iPhone and Android mobile applications. Shakebug has the following features: 1. Bug/Crash reporting 2. Analytics/Events Mobile application analytics In general, during development, someone need only Bug/Crash reporting but they don’t need Analytics/Events. Other side, on the live applications, they don’t need […]

Major Challenges Faced By Tester While Testing Mobile Application and Its Solutions

Smartphones are fast becoming the primary mode of interaction for consumers and businesses around the world, with thousands of apps being generated every day. Mobiles overtake smartphones and tablets. Apps are now used in cars, wearable technology and home appliances. The phenomenal growth of mobile devices has opened avenues for organizations to integrate them into […]