1. Tell us about your mobile development company journey and what were your motives to be successful in app development?

We started with a mobile development company, We soon came to realize that we were much more passionate about app development than our day jobs. Since then, we’ve focused all of our efforts on mobile app development and have become specialists in both Android and iOS platforms.

It wasn’t always easy but we’ve been able to build an amazing team of designers, developers, project managers, bug reporting tools like shakebug, and marketers who are as committed as us.

We love what we do so it’s never felt like work for us – only fun!

2. As a co-founder of MegaMinds Technologies, What is your role in the management and development?

I am Nikunj Balar, the Co-founder and CEO – of MegaMinds Technologies. I oversee development and management from concept to delivery, seeing every detail.

I design, create, code, and manage all of our mobile apps and software development projects. I do what is necessary for project success- including hiring freelancers to accomplish needed skills or tasks. I work hands-on with clients from the conception of their ideas to the implementation of the final product that they will use in business today.

3. Tell us about your biggest achievement in the mobile development industry

We are a mobile app development company that has been in the industry for almost 9 years now. Our team of developers has worked with over 50+ clients, completing more than 40+ projects

With all these achievements to our name, you can bet we’re the best choice when it comes to building your next application where we can deliver the on time app delivery service including the service of optimizing android app performance and ios app performance.

4 . What are the different development phases of the apps that you promise to your clients?

We have a professional team of app developers to write the code, design, and organize the coding to make sure the apps are developed according to schedule. We understand the importance of meeting deadlines which is why we work closely with clients to have an accurate time estimate of when the apps will be completed. Our development process includes 4 phases: discovery, design, development, and testing.

We do research and analysis of the client’s business model to come up with a creative and effective idea for the mobile application. The design phase starts once we get approval from our client on how they want their app to look so that we can proceed with designing it accordingly. 

5 . How do you help your clients in choosing a correct and profitable platform for app development?

MegaMinds Technologies strives to help our clients make informed decisions with the help of mobile app statistics about app development. We provide five key considerations in selecting a platform for your mobile app development, including technical specifications, user experience, and UX, security features, functionality and backend, and operational issues such as scalability and growth. 

By reviewing these factors we can pinpoint which platform is right for you.

6. Which one is best for a successful and profitable business progression, Native or hybrid apps? What are the factors that make them the best platform?

Since mobile apps are so diverse, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. Native apps offer the best performance and, in some cases, integration with iOS or Android APIs, whereas hybrid apps are simpler to develop and can run on multiple platforms with reduced app size (since they use web technology). 

The answer of which one to choose largely depends on your business goals: what platforms you want to target and which technologies you want to use.

7. Tell us about the pricing model of your mobile development company. and how do you fix your budget?

While pricing models are often unique to each company, they should take into account:  what the customer pays in addition to your service;  fixed costs, such as licensing or software; and variable costs, such as materials. To determine an appropriate budget, you’ll need to know how much it will cost you to get started and what your desired profit margin is.

8. What makes your mobile development company best for enhancing your clients’ business?

The mobile apps that are developed by MegaMinds Technologies are very helpful for enhancing your clients’ business. With the app, they can keep up with the latest trends, stay connected with clients and boost their sales. we specialize in the development of mobile apps for business. Mobile apps are vital to the success of your business because they are the perfect way to engage with your clients through a personalized, interactive platform. 

9. What are the guidelines followed by you to attain client satisfaction?

To attain client satisfaction, one should be proactive and honest. They must also not only pay attention to their present clients but they should also focus on past ones. This way it will show that they are reliable. One should also make a list of the things the client likes or wants and do that for them so they are happy with the service.

10. What are the different ways by which you update your clients?

We offer the latest advancements in mobile app development. With a responsive website and an app that can be customized to your needs, we can update your business system to be in pace with technological advancements. We know that you want to keep up with technology for your clients as well as for yourself so we have services that are both personal and professional.

11. What are your thoughts about AR, VR, and the Internet of Things (IoT)?

As VR, AR and IoT are developed, there are great opportunities for businesses to find success in these industries. However, this also brings with it new challenges. You need to consider how your business will meet customer demands as these three industries grow and evolve in the years to come.

12. What are your suggestions related to the future of Mobile technology?

We think the future of mobile technology will be limitless. It’ll be integrated into our lives in so many ways, it will no longer be seen as just a tool or an accessory to everyday life. Smartphones will do what laptops and tablets do now, except you’ll take them with you wherever you go. From walking around the city to driving from Point A to Point B, you’ll be able to use your phone for various tasks without breaking a sweat.

13. Tell us about your enormous and successful achievement so far in the Industry.

Megaminds Technologies has over a decade of experience in the world of mobile app development. we know exactly what it takes to make your idea come to life and flourish, so we focus on the best practices in design, marketing, testing, and application features. This combined with their skilled engineers who work to create apps that are both functional and visually stunning make them a leader in the industry.

14. What are the various steps followed by you to take your apps to market and how do you do the same?

Once your app is designed and developed, you have to take it to market. There are a few approaches you can take – you can use existing distribution channels, you can go with a service like Google Play or Apple’s store, or you can build your own. The last option comes with costs and a larger risk profile, but in many cases, it might be worth it.

15. What are the critical objectives that determine the time frame of mobile app development?

The time frame of the mobile app development process can vary depending on how quickly the team of developers needs to meet deadlines. It can also depend on how much they need to communicate if any. Five critical objectives determine the time frame of a mobile app development project: deadlines, timeline, and target market.

16. What are the key trends driving the growth in new-age technologies like IoT, Blockchain, & Big Data?

There are several key trends driving growth in new-age technologies like IoT, Blockchain, & Big Data. For example, IoT has helped entrepreneurs create numerous smart home products and automate processes such as precision agriculture. Another trend driving growth in these technologies is algorithms that are open-sourced and make use of artificial intelligence to either predict or simulate reality through data analytics.

17. What are the reasons that make your company stand out from the crowd?

We offer unique yet cost-effective business solutions for your company’s needs. We strive to make your life easier by listening to and understanding you, whether it’s developing your app or creating mobile marketing campaigns. Our scalable, end-to-end services empower you to focus on what matters – your goals.

18. By working in a mobile development company for a long time, what are some of the advice you want entrepreneurs must follow seriously?

What I want entrepreneurs to take seriously is that we’re all doing something, we’re all somebody, and you should take the time to make sure that you’re treating your idea with respect. A little goes a long way. You can’t create something meaningful in one sitting. Take the time to work and rework your idea, listen to feedback, and find out what you want to do with your business.

If you want to make a great app, you have to be passionate about the idea. Even if you’re making an app for someone else, your goal should be doing it with the same intensity that you would approach it if this were your idea.